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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Revenue from IT Software and Services in 2006

Numbers:(“12″,”30”, “Billion”)

Figures stem from the fact that though China has the potential, India has the edge and to know more on this read the piece below.  

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India beats the dragon in the race for global IT outsourcing- is this real!!

India should be quite relaxed now to know that China needs another 3-5 years to be of a potential threat to it as regards the global IT industry. surprised right! read on..

Nasscom, India’s National Association of Software and Service Companies, the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT software and services industry in India has released a Whitepaper (the first one in the series) on Tracing China’s IT Software Services Industry Evolution where among other aspects it dispels the myth that China will overtake India as the preferred IT outsourcing destination in the near future.

Some of the Key Highlights (as per Nasscom’s press release)

  1. China has the potential to develop a large IT-BPO industry. Underlying this is substantial domestic market potential, a sizeable educated workforce and strong government emphasis on developing the sector
  2. Currently the IT-BPO industry in China is in its early phases of evolution. Frequent comparisons with India and commentary positioning China as a substitute destination is misplaced
  3. The current industry landscape in China bears some resemblance to earlier years of Indian IT-BPO. However, systemic weaknesses and comparatively evolved demand and competitive environments today pose some additional challenges
  4. The Chinese government is keen on promoting this sector. Rapid progress on the ‘tangible’ aspects of infrastructure and capacity creation is evident, softer aspects remain a challenge
  5. China is unlikely to catch on India’s lead in global services sourcing in any significant manner over the next 3-5 years. However, it must not be ignored
  6. There is a strong case for increased partnership between the two countries as global corporations strive to strike a balance in their Sino-India co-sourcing models

Continue reading

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Number of Bloggers

Numbers:(“30″,”1.2”, “Million”)

India has an acute shortage of bloggers while China boasts of 25 times more, figures sound as if India is shy to speak or it is offline!.

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Beijing like Delhi, goes the CNG way!!

pressrelease_june26_07.jpgWhen I arrived here in Beijing, this year, I found it quite comparable to Delhi when it comes to traffic vows but as regards pollution levels china tops the charts. Anyone who has stayed in New Delhi over a decade knows that living in Delhi was the equivalent of unwillingly smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, not only you could see the pollution but as well could smell and taste it! Now it’s a complete different story, a profound change. Thanks to compressed natural gas (CNG) blessing the Capital.

Considering that Beijing has been accelerating the additions of its cars at the rate of about 1,000 per day and the consequent rise in its pollution, its no wonder that international Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge has warned that some Olympic competitions might be postponed if the city did not clean up the air.  Seems like Olympics have shouted out loud at the authorities telling them if u cant fix it, forget it.

So Beijing comes out with the ban on cars and it’s been a bliss for commuters for 4 days in Beijing. Home was within a 15 minute reach whereas it took 4o minutes for the same distance! To those who didn’t know, there was a four-day ban from 17th August onwards which used an odd-even license plate number system, on the odd number day the even number car stays parked. The system was intended to take 1.3 million cars off the road every day – more than a third of the city’s 3 million vehicles. Continue reading

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Indian and China: Rediscovering Traditions through tourism

Aug. 23 – 2007 has been marked as the “India-China Year of Friendship through Tourism” which was lunched on February 14 in New Delhi to promote tourism between the two countries. On this date the two also officially released a joint logo for the tourism year, made up of Chinese landmark the Great Wall and India’s Taj Mahal as well as the two national flags.

Since then both have had on their agenda number of activities such as :

  • A sixteen member Chinese media / tour operators group visited India in March
  • The China National Tourism Administration (CNTA)-sponsored delegation comprising of tour operators from Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Shanghai visited India for tourism promotion
  • CNTA participated in the South Asia Travel and Tourism Exchange (SATTE) Exhibition which was held in April, in New Delhi

The Ministry of Tourism organized road shows in Beijing and Shanghai in April to showcase India’s tourist attractions in Chinese market

And both governments are immensely encouraging their citizens to visit each other’s country as part of the move to enhance economic, strategic and cultural ties.

The increase in the number of tourists from China to India and vice versa justifies these moves. Continue reading

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Number of EurepGap Accreditations


EurepGap is Good Agricultural Practice Certification from Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group, in India  the accreditions have highly risen since the last yr justifying its expanding horticulture sector .    

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Fall of the Indian Government Vs. Operationalisation of the Nuclear Deal

Seems like there’e a complete deadlock between the Indian Government and the Left over the Indo–US Nuclear Deal and none is going to change it mind…

Devils advocate, a classy program on CCN IBN, anchored by Karan Thapar, India’s best known television commentator and interviewer, had an  exclusive interview with Rajya Sabha‘s (Council of States, the Upper House of Parliament) MP,  Sitaram Yechury, on last Sunday, on how and why is the Left against the Nuclear Deal and is the Indian Government going to be “made to fall”?

The discussion was basically on two points: bringing down the government by the Left hence stopping the deal or the Left protecting the government at the cost of the deal. 

The interview on CNN IBN goes like this:

Karan Thapar :

If operationalising the deal is your key concern rather than withdrawing support, then I shall put it you that the deal is in fact not going to be operationalised until the US Congress ratifies it and until India and America sign on the dotted line. And that being the case, if you withdraw support, then you can stop the operationalisation. Are you prepared to do that or not?

Sitaram Yechury :

According to the Indian Constitution, once an international agreement has been arrived upon, there is no need for Parliament’s ratification.

Karan Thapar :

Many people watching this interview will say that Sitaram Yechury faces a trade-off. He can either bring the government down, as a result stop the deal, or he can protect the government at the cost of the deal. What he seems to be indicating is that he doesn’t want to bring the government down, so he is prepared to let the deal take place even though he speaks against it.

Sitaram Yechury :

No, I do not accept the facile link-up of the deal being or not being operationalised or even the government falling down, which you are making. You are making a link-up that is simply not acceptable because it is not true.

For the entire hot discussion watch the Video on CNN IBN Live

It seems a mid term poll is very likely…in a few months to go.

So does the present 21st century India fear America? And are we seeing a shift in our political scenario with foreign policy issues taking a shape that it has today leading to Governments falling?

What’s your say?

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