Friday, December 15, 2017

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A talent crunch

Recruiting the right talent is every becoming every HR manager’s nightmare. AS Asia faces a talent crunch in the face of growing competition, we find India might just emerge ahead of China.

A recent report by Mc Kinsey says that – India is not only producing more young professionals, it is producing better qualified ones, too. According to a survey of local recruiters, only 10 percent of China engineers have the skills necessary to work in a multinational corporation, compared to 25 percent of engineers in India. By 2008, India’s total pool of qualified graduates will be more than twice as large as China. If Indian universities continue to churn out top-notch talent, its younger, cheaper, and larger professional workforce could help India edge out its neighbor to the east.


Source: Mckinsey Global Institute

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5 Responses to A talent crunch

  1. winddrinker says:

    I am amazed by how many initials my Indian friends have earned and are still earning! One of my classmates is a double master though she is only 22! And so many young medical doctors and phd doctors are around as well. Even for management, most of them have never worked formally in any company when they finish their master in management. I sometimes wonder why MNCs are eager to pay so much ( easily US$ 30,000 per year for my friends here) for a fresher.

  2. Pffefer says:

    I wonder what makes one “qualified”? I have a feeling that simply because most Indians speak fluent English while most Chinese don’t that makes more Indians “qualified”. Am I wrong?

  3. Sanjay says:

    Is any simple graduate considered as “Unspecified Professional” ? Or there any criteria?

  4. maria says:

    I would also like to see some specifics as to what is regarded as the qualities needed to be qualified as suitable for work in MNCs. It cannot be English skill alone, as intercultural co-operation takes more than just language skills. (You can speak the same language still not understand each other…)

    Does anyone know??

  5. Chinese friends are hard working than indians. But they just donot MINGLE. They will not express their opinions openly.

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