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Communist Countries in Asia

The Asian region can proudly boast to house the most number of communist nations. North Korea, China, Laos and Vietnam all conform to the communist one party Marxist-Leninist view. Meanwhile, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, and Sri Lanka all have large political parties that still claim to follow Marxism-Leninism ideologies.

According to political theorists, communist states consist of a main ruling party which works in accordance with the wishes of the industrial working class and  generally governs all aspects of political, economic and social well being of the country. Implemented to be the vanguard of the proletariat, communist parties have one national legislative body considered the highest organ of state power.

While many Asian communist nations consider themselves socialist nations rather than communist, they are continuously evolving to keep pace globally. During the 1980s China and Vietnam, began to introduce market reforms in order to open their economies and international trade and best practices.

Listed below is a quick overview of Asia’s communist countries:

North Korea: Or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is ruled by the Korean Workers’ Party headed by Kim Jong-il. The party follows its own distinct ideology known as Juche which it considers to be superior to Marxism-Leninism. Juche which was founded by Kim Il-sung has follows the principles of independence in politics, self-sustenance in the economy and self-defense in national defense.

The People’s Republic of China: Owing predominantly to its 70 million members, the Communist Party of China (CPC) is the largest ruling political party and the supreme political authority in China. The CPC was founded in 1921, taking over control from the Kuomintang and initiated its famed “Socialism with Chinese characteristics.” One of the most famous proponents of communism in China – Chairman Mao initiated a theory in the early days which instigated the proletariat in a revolutionary struggle against the exploiting monied classes. More recently, economists attribute China’s meteoric rise to its one party philosophy and control of the economy.

Laos: Or the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, is ruled by the communist Pathet Lao party which came into power in 1975 after it overthrew the royalist government with the help of Soviet and Vietnamese forces. Today Laos claims to be a single-party socialist republic that is governed by a nine-member Politburo and the 49-member Central Committee.

Vietnam: Or the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is governed by the Communist Party of Vietnam which was founded by Ho Chi Minh in 1930. The CPV which follows the Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Ideology is however fast changing to what Vietnamese call Doi moi or economic reforms towards a free market economy.

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4 Responses to Communist Countries in Asia

  1. Jay says:

    “The Asian region can proudly boast to house the most number of communist nations. “

    Is this something to boast about?

  2. mariah hansen says:

    I really don’t think this is something to boast about. Communisim destroys people’s freedoms almost.

  3. Rich says:

    Attribute the large numbers in part to the “domino effect”; we fought to stop via the Vietnam Conflict?

  4. nathawan says:

    not only is communism a really bad idea people who are behind it will take everything u own and make u penniless

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