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China Outstrips India in Patent Applications

By Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Oct. 23 – China has been granted a total of 67,948 patents against India’s 7,539 according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

China also filed more applications than India, a total of 245,161 against 28,940. The statistics illustrate the rapid development China has been making in terms of its intellectual capabilities and desire to move the country onto the next level of development. A China moving up the value chain, conducting R&D and being inventive is now a reality. It follows the same path taken by Japan thirty years ago, when it too, moved away from cheap production and copying others, to a truly innovative society.

The statistics do cover up India’s true capabilities however. The nation has suffered an extensive brain drain over the past thirty years, denuding it of talent, much of which has ended up in the form of U.S.-owned intellectual patent. That said, India does need to instigate a far more robust program of inventiveness, originality and design than it currently is capable to compete.

India’s path ahead is also clear; while it will inherit much of China’s increasingly discarded cheap manufacturing base, it must also plan ahead and move up the value chain. While China is often blamed for cheap copies, the reality of the situation is far different. It is China that is now the new power in terms of innovation and imagination, and India the one lagging far behind.

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2 Responses to China Outstrips India in Patent Applications

  1. Dolf says:

    First India will have to resolve its infrastructure problem. China is a country that made huge sacrifices in order to be where it is now:health of its poorest, huge population displacement, pollution in ever main rivers of china, suppression of human right.

    India,on the other side of the coin had done nothing:India has a huge problem of infrastructure and poverty is high.Indian billionaires oligarch act like sycophantic,self-seeker wannabe seen newly rich ,wasting their money made costly on cheap labor poor Indians.

    In america billionaires give donation to help improve education, disease prevention or other social endeavor.
    But in India they don’t share even 0.5% of their fortune but they want to be shown in first page of Forbes magazine for wealthiest men in top 100.Its a shave that western countries are still donating to help Indian poor while India is spending billions to lease Russian submarine.
    Democracy and obsolete religions block the state to do anything. A beggar or a Caws can hinder a commercial truck to move a 400LB caw from the middle of a main highway.People don’t know how to drive and the streets are narrow and ancient.

  2. Chris Devonshire-Ellis says:

    This is true Dolf, however India is now dealing with it’s infrastructure. In fact, a construction and redevelopment boom has just begun that I believe will last 10-15 years, similar to what happened in China. The next issue of India Briefing is out next week at and deals with Public-Private Partnerships – how the government is providing finance to investors to help rebuild India, and the massive investment opportunities this brings. – Thanks Chris

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