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China Defends its Policy Regarding North Korea

Photo: Jacky Chen/ReutersJun. 30 – China defended its policy in dealing with North Korea on Tuesday after U.S. President Obama criticized China of “willful blindness” over Pyongyang’s “belligerent behavior” in an unusually candid speech from the politician.

Relations on the Korean Peninsula hit a new low in March when a South Korean warship, the Cheonan, was torpedoed and sunk off the peninsula’s western coast, killing 46 sailors. An international report into the incident found sufficient evidence to implicate North Korea as the culprit, sparking condemnation throughout the global community and outrage from Pyongyang. China, though, is one of a few key world players that have resisted pointing fingers. Continue reading

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Mobile Subscribers in China and India Total Over 1.4 Billion

Photo: XinhuaJun. 30 – The number of cell phone subscribers is continuing to grow at a rapid pace across the world’s two most populous countries, with China and India now claiming 796 million and 617.5 million mobile phone users, respectively, through May 2010.

According to China’s Ministry of Information Industry, new Chinese cell phone subscribers totaled 9.4 million for the month of May, bringing the 2010 yearly total to 48.5 million. India, meanwhile, reported stronger growth on the month with 16.3 million new mobile subscriptions. Continue reading

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China, Taiwan Complete Historic Trade Agreement

Photo: ReutersJun. 29 – Negotiators from China and Taiwan completed a landmark trade agreement in Chongqing today that plans to increase bilateral trade by an estimated US$100 billion, slash tariffs on over 800 goods, and may prove to be the first step in a long and drawn out reunification process.

China, at least, hopes that the trade pact may rejuvenate talks that have been stalled since the Chinese Civil War more than 60 years ago. The deal, signed live on Chinese state television, seems to heavily favor the Taiwanese side and may come as an offering of good will from the island’s neighbor across the strait, or may be a political move by China to showcase the benefits to be had under the wing of the dragon. Continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz to Sell Pre-Owned Cars in India

Photo: Ramesh Sharma/The HinduJun. 29 – German luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz announced on Monday that it would be entering the pre-owned automobile business in India as the company tries to make their cars more accessible across the country by offering them at a lower price.

“Now we are bringing this to India to make the dream of many customers to own a Mercedes-Benz even more achievable,” Managing Director and CEO of Mercedes-Benz India Wilfried Aulbur said at a press conference in New Delhi on Monday. Continue reading

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India, Canada Sign Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

Jun. 28 – Meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Toronto on Sunday, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper signed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement that would allow India to import uranium from Canada.

The deal also envisages collaboration on nuclear technology, equipment, waste management and radiation safety. Continue reading

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China and India Top Manufacturing Competitiveness Survey

Jun. 28 – China and India claim the world’s first and second most competitive manufacturing industries, respectively, and it will remain that way for at least the next five years, according to a new global manufacturing competitiveness index published in a joint report by Deloitte LLP and the U.S. Council on Competitiveness.

The report, which surveyed over 400 CEOs and top level manufacturing executives worldwide,  was conducted during late 2009 and early 2010. The results show dominance in perceived manufacturing competitiveness in Asia, where respondents believe China, India, and South Korea deserve the top three spots both presently and five years from now. Continue reading

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China and Canada Pledge to Double Trade by 2015

Photo: Fan Rujun/XinhuaJun. 25 – Chinese President Hu Jintao stated that he would like to see bilateral trade with Canada double over the next five years during talks with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa on Thursday.

“I have agreed with Prime Minister Harper that we should take active measures to make our countries’ two-way trade volume reach a target of US$60 billion by 2015,” said Hu. Bilateral trade between China and Canada stood at US$29.7 billion last year. Continue reading

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