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India’s DRDO: Developing Weapons of the Future

Aug. 3 – Using state-of-the-art laser technology, India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is in the midst of developing an arsenal of high-tech, futuristic directed energy weapons (DEWs).

With each model having its own unique characteristics, including vehicle-mounted non-lethal laser dazzlers intended to aid law enforcement agencies subdue unruly crowds and a 100 kilowatt solid-state laser system used to detonate incoming missiles, this new weapons line will help protect the nation against a wide range of threats.

Scientists at DRDO’s Laser Science and Technology Center (LASTEC) have already completed work on a hand-held version of the laser dazzler with a range of up to 50 meters and a 25 kilowatt laser system capable of destroying enemy missiles is estimated to be completed in five years time.

“Lasers are weapons of the future. We can, for instance, use laser beams to shoot down an enemy missile in its boost or terminal phase,” LASTEC Director Anil Kumar Maini told the Times of India on Monday. “All you need is to heat the missile skin to 200-300 degrees and the warhead inside will detonate.”

DRDO’s Director General Dr. V.K. Saraswat has identified DEWs as one of the agency’s focus areas in the years ahead, along with space security, cyber security and hypersonic vehicles. India’s Defense Ministry also named the development of DEWs and anti-satellite weapons among the department’s critical areas over the next 15 years in its “technology perspective and capability roadmap.”

Laser DEWs assail their targets with subatomic particles traveling at the speed of light and operate with limited collateral damage. While India is still behind the United States in its testing of high powered solid-state laser defense systems, the fact that they are in the game alone shows how far the country’s science and technology sector has come in recent years.

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19 Responses to India’s DRDO: Developing Weapons of the Future

  1. Carlos says:

    Do it, India. But, do it quietly. No need to shout about it. Learn from the sly Chinese 🙂

  2. Carlos says:

    Btw, I think this Dr. Saraswat talks big but delivers nothing. Here the big mouth is talking of 15 years 🙂

  3. The_Observer says:

    The Indians can’t even get their cryogenic rocket to work. What is the chance of them getting the raw materials for high-powered lasers, manufacturing the parts, perfecting radar tracking that will allow continuous focusing on a missile cone, manufacturing a laser powerful and focused enough to heat a missile cone through the the air, cloud and rain? Rather I see the Indian having to import such systems rather than manufacturing them – just like with many of their current weapons.

  4. Carlos says:

    While I agree with you, the thing is that unlike China, India did not steal technology from the US and others to enable them to “indigenize” 🙂

    Of course, India’s whole set up is far more inefficient than China’s. Also, the single minded drive is not there. But, the fact remains that China steals.

  5. sunanda says:

    the commercial potential is very attractive. Also the argument to buy final product from outside vendors is dumb, the sukhoi is part produced in India with the collaboration of Russia. It is the transfer of technology that dictates future of the trade movement. Buy and use cannot be applied to a massive nation like India.Longterm goals are important, not short term gains. The drug czars are opening up R & D in India, another feather in the cock and a step in right direction.

  6. sunanda says:

    jaguar and land rover were bought by tatas, go figure how the decades of accumulated technology will be flowing back as well, the english manufacturer gets the product components from local european companies which will become indian intellectual property from now on,and not to forget the research wing that will also join hands with the indian motor industry

  7. sriram says:

    I feel Indian people should know much range missile system are ready on a quarterly basis to feel themselves safe

  8. ajay says:

    sriran: if India can send rocket to the moon, then it can send missile anywhere on the planet.

  9. syed says:

    ajay, you mean anywhere in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, lanka. That is about as far as India goes. Pakistan also will have entire India within its striking range.

    drdo has been more a story of failure after failure. while it obtained technology from the soviets and stole technology over decades from the west, uk/us, it was never able to integrate these technologies for they were too advanced and complex. they ended up having to buy everything even army uniforms from other countries. pakistan on the other hand, has been able to integrate western and chinese tech and create our own tech as defense.

  10. PiyushMichael says:

    I assure you- Mr. ‘The_Observer’
    That your country would be dependent on ‘INDIAN’ systems for a good night’s sleep for its citizens before your teeth fall off.

  11. Jithin.K.Vijayan says:

    My simple request is that make our country proud,and provide us better futurestic weapons in time,chak de!!We are eager to see DRDO as a fontline sophisticated technology provider!!!!

  12. R J Adityaa says:

    pakistan is integrating western technologies very well,( good joke..sayyad)By taking huge amounts of funds and weaponary shamelessly and still struggling to keep its citizens safe from terror threats within its country. it provides shelter to people like osama and dawood and treat them as VIPs. DRDO is doing well.. We should not forget that we got independence only 60 years back where as western countries have been developing from a long time.

  13. neeraj says:

    people talk about pakistan getting ahead of india in tech ,knowing that there own people live in danger .It would be much better if they feed there own wounds and stop adding the wrong ones.As far as india is concerned it is becoming self sufficent and producing indegenous weapon systems.

  14. aryen says:

    we need a strong weapon and then we show it pak,china ,and world

  15. ind says:

    R J Adityaa : pakistan is not taking funds but they are begging to western countries “allah ke naam pe de de baba”

  16. rahul says:

    its a fact today that pakistan is no more a small country in terms of nuke or missiles.. but a bitter fact is that pakistan will end itself thru terrorism, and more over in case of war its sure pakis will use nuke. and some of our big cities may be deleted, bt INDIA WILL DELETE PAKISTAN FOREVER within minutes in case of nuke.. so its simple v lose some indian cities nd permanently wipe out pakistan forever

  17. Abhishek says:

    Dear “The_Observer” ,
    When it comes to Cryogenic engines,check out history which is evident that no country which has developed cryogenic engine has successfully tested it on its maiden flight….America too had failed many times while doing the same…Mate success comes after failure and history is evident of this fact!!!

  18. happyrout says:

    Cryogenic engines,hav already developed by DRDO, thrust chambers first designed by usa,soviet,japan then india…………currently c-17,c-15 engines are cryogenic engines…and yes china and france too…but future drdo cryogenic engine are upgraded engine i.e RL-10., copy of ssme of usa

  19. maartin says:

    pakistan takng abt india s Drdo isnt it funny…pakis eventhough using chinese and western tech couldnt even win a single battle against India..This is for my fellow Indians”They will laugh at us,they l mock us..Because they know we are powerful and we win”..

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