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Chinese Passenger Train Hits 486 kph, Breaks World Record

Dec. 3 – A Chinese passenger train sped through a soon-to-be opened set of rails between Beijing and Shanghai, hitting 486 kilometers per hour (302 miles per hour) and breaking the world record in the process.

It was the fastest speed an unmodified commercial passenger train had ever traveled, Xinhua News reported. Other types of trains, though, have traveled faster.

A modified French TGV train reached 574.8 kilometers per hour during a 2007 test, while a Japanese magnetically levitated train sped to 581 kilometers per hour in 2003.

State television showed the Chinese fast-train whipping past farms in eastern China. It reached its top speed on a segment of the 1,318-kilometer-long line between Zaozhuang in Shandong Province and Bengbu in Anhui Province, Xinhua said.

State media reported that the line will open by October 1, 2011, prior to the country’s National Holidays. The train will halve current travel times between Beijing and Shanghai from 10 hours to just 5 hours.

The project’s total cost is estimated at some US$32.5 billion and is part of a larger move by the government to connect China’s many metropolitan centers by high-speed rail and reduce overcrowding on other lines.

China already has the world’s longest high-speed rail network by kilometers, and it plans to cover 13,000 kilometers by 2012 and 16,000 kilometers by 2020.

The push to develop high-speed rail technology rivals China’s space program in terms of importance and national pride. Railway officials say they want commercial trains to reach speeds over 500 kilometers per hour.

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10 Responses to Chinese Passenger Train Hits 486 kph, Breaks World Record

  1. observer says:

    the chinese are unstoppable

  2. hammy says:

    just two months ago the 416.6km/h record was impressive, and I thought the record was gonna last for a while. now I am looking forward to the 500+km/h next March.

  3. The_Observer says:

    That’s unbelieveable for a run that was done on commercial track without tuning both the railway engine and the track. The Chinese have taken the best of Canadian, French, German and Japanese rail technology, improved on it so much so that they are now competing with their mentors in the commercial rail space. That to me is a sign that Chinese engineering graduates and designers are up to world standards.

  4. Person A says:

    of course the chinese people can be at the top of the world, they can cheat their way out of everything. How do we know this isn’t just some fake information that we’re being fed.

    They even have Korea help them cheat in the Olympics. A medal favorite was disqualified and accused of cheating at the end of the match when the match was one sided the entire game.

    china is just too big for anyone to stand up to them, it’s sad…

  5. The_Observer says:

    Person A,
    That article link you gave was about a Taiwanese Tai-Kwon-Do expert allegedly cheated out of a medal at the Asian Games 2010. The Taiwanese in that article are blaming the South Koreans who make up most of the governing body for that sport.

  6. Person A says:

    Yes, a medal favorite got removed from game, the intention should be clear, to let someone else have a easier time getting the gold medal. However Korea didn’t even win the medal… strange…

    there are two things to notice here

    1. The game was held in Guangzhou, China.
    2. Korea did not compete in the event where the Taiwanese player was disqualified.

    Now tell me why I say the chinese are cheaters again?

  7. The_Observer says:

    Person A,
    You are sufferng a deficit of reasoning. The fact that the Asian Games 2010 was held in Guangzhou was because they won the bidding for the games and that the Chinese could meet the required standards. Any of the sport events would have judges and referees from several countries and would not necessarily just have Chinese judges or any Chinese judges necessarily. The WTF official who accused the Taiwanese competitor of cheating is Yang Jin-Suk, an American citizen of Korean ethnicity. If you have any proof of Chinese cheating, please submit it to the regional Olympic Commitee and the sport’s governing body.

  8. Person A says:

    Incase you didn’t know, the case is already being considered by the government to be submitt to CAS. Looks like I don’t have to do anything 🙂

    I hope the cheaters gets what they deserves

  9. The_Observer says:

    Person A,
    Again you are being disingenuous and out of your depth. That case is actually being heard before the World Taikwondo Federation. There the Taiwanese competitor, Yang Shu-chun, is going to dispute that American-Korean WTF official’s account of the alleged violation, and is not about any Chinese cheating. See:

  10. Person A says:

    and I bring the news of China’s failure to achieve the safety standards of their high speed railway… not like you don’t already know tho, but I’m just making my point. 🙂 China is not a country to be trusted, from something small, the safety of its citizens, to something big, the safety of its citizens.


    “If nobody can be safe, do we still want this speed? Can we drink a glass of milk that’s safe? Can we stay in an apartment that will not collapse?”

    well said, well said!

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