Saturday, November 18, 2017

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India Develops Gold, Diamond-Embedded Contact Lenses

Aug. 11 – A company in India is now offering contact lenses fitted with real diamonds and gold. Weighing five grams and costing INR700,000 (US$15,444), the lenses sit either six millimeters or nine millimeters away from the cornea and are available in four designs: white gold, 18 diamonds on white gold, yellow gold, and 18 diamonds on yellow gold.

Created by Indian optometrist Chandrashekhar Chawan of Shekhar Eye Research Center in Mumbai, the contact lenses are designed to hold water in front of the eye so that they can be worn comfortably and can be made to correct any visual impairment.

“I’ve had mixed responses – some say it looks scary, but most of the people love it,” Chawan said during an interview with “Bollywood personalities [said] they love the concept, that it’s going to be an ‘in thing’ in fashion soon.”

Chawan has said that he only plans to create a limited amount of lenses – 3,996 specifically – and that all profits will be put towards treating patients with Stevens Johnson Syndrom – a skin disease that affects the tear glands and leads to loss of vision.

If Chawan ever decides to expand operations, there would likely be ample demand in other Asian countries such as China and South Korea where stylish contact lenses are becoming a popular fashion accessory.

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2 Responses to India Develops Gold, Diamond-Embedded Contact Lenses

  1. George says:

    What a crazy idea when millions are starving

  2. mohamed says:

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