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Monthly Archives: September 2011

China, Russia Blast EU’s Inclusion of Airlines in Emissions Trading Scheme

Sept. 30 – China and Russia announced that they would continue their opposition against including civil aviation into the European Union’s (EU’s) Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) which demands global airlines buy carbon emission permits, according to a joint statement made by China’s Civil Aviation Administration and Russia’s Transport Ministry on Tuesday.

“We oppose any unilateral and coercive decisions that were made without any agreements among the countries concerned… Including international aviation in the EU’s ETS violates the principles of the Chicago Convention and trespasses the sovereignty of other states. And it may bring about extremely negative consequences for the international aviation industry,” read the statement. Continue reading

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China Dumps its Version of the Nobel Peace Prize

Sept. 30 – The Chinese government has withdrawn support for the Confucius Peace Prize, which was scheduled to announce its second annual winner next week. Beijing announced yesterday that the group overseeing the award had been disbanded.

The Confucius peace prize was launched last December in an apparent retort to the Nobel committee awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobao. The Association of Chinese Local Art awarded last year’s winner RMB100,000 at an event scheduled one day before the Nobel ceremony in Oslo. However, the first winner, former Taiwanese vice-president Lien Chan, failed to turn up to the chaotic inaugural ceremony. His office appeared to be unaware that the event was even taking place and he subsequently decided against accepting the prize. Continue reading

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India, Vietnam Set to Go Ahead with South China Sea JV

Sept. 29 – Dismissing China’s recent comments strongly condemning Vietnam and India for planning oil and gas exploration in the disputed South China Sea region, India’s state-run oil firm ONGC Videsh Ltd. has said it would go ahead with its planned operations in the region.

“Energy security is among our top priorities. ONGC Videsh Ltd. has been there in Vietnam for the past 10 years. Now it is planning to sign an MoU for strategic cooperation to take the ties with Petro Vietnam forward,” said an Indian official. Continue reading

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Pakistan Assures China Over Waziristan Insurgents

Sept. 28 – Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Giliani yesterday pledged support to China in fighting Muslim insurgents aiming at creating a pan-Islamic state in Xinjiang. Giliani has been meeting in Islamabad with the Chinese Public Security Minister Meng Jianzhu, who also met with Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and General Khalis Shameem Wyne.

“We are true friends. China’s enemy is our enemy,” said Giliani. “We will extend full cooperation to China on security.” Continue reading

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China–India Bilateral Trade Boost

Sept. 27 – Both China and India have stated aims to increase mutual trade between them at meetings held in Beijing the past two days. India’s powerful Planning Commission Deputy Boss Montek Singh Ahluwalia has been meeting with China’s NDRC Chief Zhang Ping and conducting discussions covering a number of avenues exploring bilateral trade.

Much of the meetings are believed to have focused on Chinese investment into the infrastructure sector in India, which has plans to spend US$500 billion over the next three years in developing roads, rail and ports. Conflicts have arisen in the past with China winning tenders only to fall foul of Indian immigration laws and local politics concerning imported Chinese labor. Continue reading

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Will China Inherit Afghanistan’s War?

Op-ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Sept. 26 – As the United States continues its preparations to exit Afghanistan, comments made by ex-U.S. forces suggest that an alternative power may have to step into their shoes. Stating recent attacks made by the mafia-styled Haqqani family, Marc Sageman, an ex-CIA officer who served in Pakistan has been quoted in the press as saying “Whoever is in power in Afghanistan will have to make a deal with the Haqqani’s. It won’t be us, we’re leaving and they know it.” Continue reading

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Putin, CCP’s Panchen Lama Frontrunners for China’s Confucius Peace Prize

Sept. 23 – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been nominated for the Confucius Peace Prize – China’s version of the Nobel Peace Prize – alongside other global figures such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of the Republic of South Africa Jacob Zuma, and the creator of hybrid rice Yuan Longping.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates and former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan are also being considered for the prize, but analysts say that Putin’s main competition for the prize comes from the Panchen Lama Norbu Gyaltsen – the second-highest lama in Tibetan Buddhism as well as the “reincarnation” of the Dalai Lama hand-picked and approved by the Chinese government. Continue reading

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