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Monthly Archives: July 2013

China, Europe Resolve Solar Panel Imports Dispute

By Nick Ottens

Jul. 31 – The world’s two largest economic powers avoided an escalation in their trade dispute on Saturday when they agreed to limit Chinese solar panel sales to Europe.

After six weeks to talks, and days before a European tariff on Chinese solar panels was slated to be raised, the body’s trade chief and his Chinese counterpart agreed to set a minimum price for panels from China and restrict its share of the European solar energy market.

The European Commission announced an 11.8 percent import duty on China’s solar panels last month and accused it of “dumping” its products on the European market at low prices, putting European firms out of business. Although European green energy companies are also usually subsidized by their national governments, they could not compete with China’s lower production costs and state subsidies for solar panel producers. Continue reading

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Can India and China be Friends?

P.S. Deodhar, in his latest book, Cinasthana Today, suggests that both India and China must forge deeper economic relations to maintain the momentum of growth and make this an Asian century.

By Sameer Patil

Jul. 15 – India and China can join hands to emerge as “India plus China” rather than “India versus China,” P. S. Deodhar suggests in his recent book, ‘Cinasthana Today: Viewing China from India’. This is an interesting perspective in light of the incursion by the Chinese army in the Depsang area of eastern Ladakh in May this year. The incursion was a shock to policy-makers in India, coming as it did after relatively stable bilateral progress over the past few years; for some, it revived the memories of the war in 1962 between India and China. Continue reading

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China’s Skilled Labor Pool Drying Up

Jul. 5 – The deficit of skilled and experienced workers in China continues to increase even as the general labor shortage starts to relax.

Many suppliers cite wages as the main point of contention although worker salaries have climbed steadily over the past several years.

Put plainly, people are seeking jobs with better pay, said Kesley Wang, sales representative of Qingdao Juyuan Fitness Equipment Co. Ltd. The Shandong province-based supplier of health and fitness products works with a job-placement agency that has helped keep the skills gap at bay.

“China companies are growing and they have salary wars for the best talents in the market,” said Chen Chunjie, CEO and board member of HROne. Continue reading

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