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About discusses business and investment news rising from the geopolitical relations of China and India, and the interactions these two countries have with the rest of emerging Asia.


Indonesia to Redenominate Rupiah in 2014

The 100,000 Rupiah Bill Will Become 100 Rupiah

Dec. 17 – The Indonesian government has announced plans to reduce the number of zeros on the rupiah by three beginning in 2014. The redenomination will simplify payment processes in a national currency upon which many people already ignore the last three zeroes.

The country has one of the highest value denominated currencies in Asia, with only Vietnam and Mongolia having higher denominated banknotes. The phasing in of new banknotes will begin in 2014 and will continue until 2016. This means that for a three-year period there will be notes showing both units of measurement that will continue to be legal tender. Continue reading

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New Issue of China Briefing: The Asia Tax Comparator

Nov. 30 – The new issue of China Briefing Magazine, titled The Asia Tax Comparator, is out now and will be temporarily available as a complimentary PDF download on the Asia Briefing Bookstore throughout the month of December. This month’s issue also offers our new 2013 Asia Tax Guide as a complimentary supplement, providing an overview of corporate and individual income tax rates for key countries in emerging Asia.

In an increasingly inter-connected Asia, many foreign investors are looking beyond China, using the lens of their China experiences to understand the investment environment in countries such as India and Vietnam.

In this issue of China Briefing Magazine, we discuss corporate income tax, value-added tax, business tax, goods and service tax, withholding tax, and individual income tax as these apply in China, India, and Vietnam, as well as in the popular holding company destinations of Hong Kong and Singapore. This includes tax rates, descriptions, incentives, and deadlines, as well as the main FDI source countries/regions and industry-specific notes. Continue reading

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India’s Remittance Inflows Higher than China’s in 2012

Nov. 22 – Remittances into India are set to reach US$70 billion this year, outstripping China’s overseas remittances of some US$66 billion. These figures cover inbound monies sent by their respective diasporas back to their home country. The general trend across developing countries is seeing remittance inflows on the rise, with levels this year set to reach US$406 billion and projections indicating growth of 8 percent in 2013. This is further set to increase incrementally over the next few years and reach a total of US$534 billion by 2015.

Indians abroad, especially in the United States and Europe, have tended to fare rather better than their Chinese counterparts, and are also aided by the fact that greater transparency, a more highly-developed sense of entrepreneurialism, and freer movement of the rupee when compared to RMB restrictions all make the ability for NRI’s to out-compete their Chinese equivalents. Continue reading

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Reform Without Remorse

By Sonia Katyal

On its way to being a globally inter-connected economy, India must distinguish between necessary reform and unnecessary liberalization rhetoric.

Oct. 23 – In the two decades post 1991 when opening up became a golden word, India has tasted the fruits of a global economy. Its citizens, led by the middle class – which was hitherto neither here, nor there – seemed to have woken up to a dream of accomplishments and accompanying consumerist expectations. This was the era when mobile phones rapidly populated the aam aadmi’s home, every middle class family could plan a foreign holiday, children of the not-so-rich studied abroad, and IT professionals mushroomed in every neighborhood waving their travel stamps as a symbol of a new-found international identity. Continue reading

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P2P Microfinance in China and India

Sangkhowl is a client of SoFMEDA, a Microfinance NGO located in Northeast India. She used a 20,000 rupee ($360) loan to open a small shop and continue her weaving business.

Opinion/Commentary: Keith Hilden, with assistance from Dylan Waller

Sept. 11 – Microfinance is one pillar of the economy that Beijing and New Delhi has increasingly considered in recent years, in the sense that it is most beneficial to allow free enterprise to administer. Experts have said that the regulatory environments in these two nations are most likely to impact P2P lending platforms in their future success. The networked power of millions of donors all over the world will no doubt be a boon to hundreds of millions of Chinese and Indians alike wishing to join the ranks of the middle class. P2P social networking microfinance can get them there.

India and China alike have faced similar problems in P2P microfinance. With lenders charging extremely high interest rates for loans, predatory high-interest loan shark operations, along with delays and failure in repayment, the demand for a P2P microfinance solution in the form of much lower interest rates is rising. Co-author Mr. Waller has personally seen clients in India transition from taking high interest loans from money lenders to taking low interest loans from credible microfinance institutions (MFI). These services, in the form of low interest, have resulted in clients of MFI being able to expand their business and increase their income. Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs Secures Biggest Ever Office Lease in India

May 25 – U.S. banking group Goldman Sachs has signed a deal to lease 1.6 million square feet of office space in Bangalore, in the biggest recorded commercial property deal to date in India. The space is equivalent to nine full sized football fields.

The deal will see the bank initially taking up 1 million square feet followed by another 600,000 square feet in two years. The space, housed in a purpose-built block of three buildings for Goldman, is located on Bangalore’s Sarjapur Outer Ring Road, and is being built on 14 acres by a local developer. Completion is set for 2017. Continue reading

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Overseas Income Now 75% of Singapore Corporations’ Revenue

May 24 – Singapore companies are now pulling in just under 75 percent of their total revenues for operations external from the country, the Singapore Import-Export Agency has confirmed. That is a rise from 64 percent last year and indicative of the Southeast Asian city-state’s increasing popularity as a regional tax haven – the country levies no income tax on profits or dividends earned overseas.

The Singapore Import-Export Agency also found that 67 percent of Singaporean SMEs intend to expand their overseas business within the next 12 months, and some 73 percent of them will be expanding their operations into Asian and ASEAN markets. China, Vietnam and Indonesia are the top three destinations for outbound investment from Singapore, the agency said. Continue reading

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