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About discusses business and investment news rising from the geopolitical relations of China and India, and the interactions these two countries have with the rest of emerging Asia.

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New Issue of Asia Briefing: An Introduction to Development Zones Across Asia

Development-Zones-Across-Asia-cover-250May 10 – The new issue of Asia Briefing Magazine, titled An Introduction to Development Zones Across Asia, is out now and will be temporarily available as a complimentary PDF download on the Asia Briefing Bookstore throughout the months of May and June.

The use of development zones in their different guises has been an effective model essentially brought to prominence by China over the past 25 years to help both foreign investors and domestic companies meet in a relationship that provides tax advantages to both. Development zones typically permit the foreign investor to bring component parts into a country for assembly without having to pay import duties. Investors may then add in locally-sourced components, assemble the final product, and warehouse it all duty free before then having the option of exporting the finished product (collecting some VAT rebates on the locally sourced portion) or entering the domestic market with a product assembled at local labor costs. Continue reading

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China’s Investment in Europe Continues to Rise

Apr. 29 – Chinese companies increased their investments in Europe by as much as 21 percent in 2012, solidifying its position as the main destination of Chinese Outward Foreign Investment (ODI). In total, Europe was the recipient of US$12.6 billion of Chinese investment last year, which now represents approximately 33 percent of all Chinese ODI.

The rationale for increasing investment in Europe is attributed to a convergence of multiple factors. The current problems affecting European economies have led many enterprises to be in need of fresh capital, as regional sources of capital have dried up. In addition, lingering uncertainty over future growth prospects has led valuations to remain moderate.

“Many Chinese investors regard Europe’s current weakness as an opportunity to jump in,” noted Mr. Loesekrug-Pietri, managing and founding partner of A Capital, referring to the unsettling effects of the current sovereign debt issues and low growth rates in the region. Continue reading

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The Emergence of Vietnam and India as China Alternatives

China is not the only solution for export-driven manufacturing, and Asia’s trade evolution is determining that business models move on for adventures elsewhere.

By Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Principal, Dezan Shira & Associates

Apr. 9 – At the turn of the 21st Century, there were two main schools of commercial thought with regards to China. The most popular was that China represented a massive market to sell to with roughly 1.3 billion potential consumers. The second was that China had a young, available and inexpensive work force that was relatively skilled and disciplined. While the latter has proven the dominant economic driver for the past two decades, China’s one-child policy (implemented nationwide in 1982) has meant that the nation’s supply of cheap labor has been drying up – and is now doing so at an increasingly rapid rate.

China today is one of the fastest aging populations in the world – a fact that has not gone unnoticed by the central government. Wary of inheriting a huge population of aged, but poor citizens, it has been state policy over the past few years to get more money into the pockets of Chinese nationals and to implement what by global standards is a relatively expensive, contribution-based state insurance scheme. Continue reading

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ASEAN-India Free Trade Area Part IV: Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia

By Alex Tangkilisan

Mar. 15 – In the fourth and final part of our ASEAN-India Free Trade Area analysis, we will examine trade trends and statistics from India to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia account for three of ASEAN’s six major economies known as the ASEAN six majors (the other three being Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam). Together, these three countries combine for a GDP of US$864.02 billion, a population of 101.6 million and exports to India amounting to US$23.5 billion (or, about 5 percent of India’s total imports). Continue reading

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BRICS Must Deliver a Development Bank

The establishment of a BRICS Development Bank will be among the prime topics of discussion at the BRICS Summit on March 26. Gateway House’s Akshay Mathur interviews former Indian Ambassador and Foreign Secretary, Shyam Saran, on the prospects and viability of alternate financial architectures.

Mar. 15 – The next BRICS Summit is scheduled to take place in Durban on 26-27 March 2013. A proposal to create a BRICS development bank is being discussed at the Summit. Ambassador Shyam Saran speaks to Gateway House’s Akshay Mathur about the need for a BRICS development bank and why Western-dominated financial institutions and systems cannot be easily replaced in the near future.

Q: BRICS, as a concept, seems to have fallen out of flavor, especially among western scholars. Do you see any promise in the grouping?

If you’re expecting a major impact on the international economic or monetary order, it is too early for the group to act with the same coherence that, for example, the G7 has done for a long time. The G7 has carried a lot of heft in the global economy for the last fifty years. BRICS, in contrast, is not there yet.

Moreover, China is growing so fast that it is overshadowing Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa. It has been adding one Indian economy each year to itself. It is difficult to work with coherence with such asymmetry between the members. Continue reading

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ASEAN-India Free Trade Area Part III: Cambodia, Brunei, Laos and the Philippines

By Alex Tangkilisan

Feb. 27 – In the third part of our ASEAN-India Free Trade Area analysis, we will examine trade trends and statistics from India to Cambodia, Brunei, Laos and the Philippines.

While the Philippines is part of the ASEAN six majors, Cambodia, Brunei and Laos are the three smallest economies in the region. Together, these four countries combine for a GDP of US$258.30 billion, a population of 115.85 million and exports to India amounting to US$1.33 billion (or, about 0.27 percent of India’s total imports). Continue reading

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India-Chile: Transcending Geography

Indian Foreign Minister Salman Khurshid’s February 5 visit to Chile and Argentina is emblematic of the new era in Indo-Latin America relations. What does this increased engagement mean for India and Chile, two rapidly growing economies of the Global South?

By Ambassador Jorge Heine

Feb. 21 – The on-going visit of Indian Foreign Minister Salman Kurshid to Chile and Argentina from February 5-8 is a welcome development. Though India is cutting a higher profile in world affairs, the visits of its various foreign ministers to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have been few and far between. This is the first visit by an Indian foreign minister to Chile. Such exchanges at the highest levels, be it between heads of government or senior Cabinet ministers, give bilateral relationships the much-needed momentum to move forward. This is especially true for India and Latin America, which have much to offer to each other, but where links between its political elites have been scarce.

There is no country in the world farther away from India than Chile. Yet, what we have seen over the past decade is proof that, though we may not be living at the end of history, we are at the end of geography as we know it.

Globalization has facilitated much of this change, and India and Chile have certainly made the most of it as part of the Global South. Continue reading

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