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India to Inspect Chinese Drug Manufacturers

Jan. 9 – India will send a team of officials to China next month to conduct inspections on drug manufacturing units that export bulk drugs to India.

The three-member team from India’s Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) has scheduled a 10-day inspection tour beginning from February 12, according to the Times of India. With over 45 percent of Chinese bulk drug exporters registered in India, the country is the biggest importer of Chinese pharmaceutical ingredients. Continue reading

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Pollution Concerns Grow Alongside Economy in China

Oct. 24 – Over the past few years, growing environmental pressure in China has forced the country to finally look into such issues as people residing near heavy industrial clusters continue to suffer from air, water and soil contamination.

At the ninth “Science and Technological Week” held by the Guangdong Provincial Association for Science and Technology earlier this month, Wang Xiwen, an expert from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a lecture about the seriousness of food security in China. Continue reading

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Biotech Conference to be Held in China Amid Biogeneric Debate

Oct. 5 – The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) will hold its inaugural BIO China Conference on October 12-13 in collaboration with the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai’s state-led science and technology development project. As organizers and presenters gear up for the world’s largest gathering of biotechnology companies, investors and regulatory experts, the particular challenges and opportunities of operating in China will weigh heavily on the agenda.

Collaboration in the biotech industry is on the rise in China, as the market for expensive biotech drugs in developing and middle-income countries appears highly promising for foreign enterprises. Each month brings announcements of new collaborations, the latest unveiled by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn on Sept. 22 during a trade mission to China. Quinn sealed the deal on a partnership between Illinois Science & Technology Coalition, iBIO and China’s Shanghai Bio Pharmaceutics Association. iBIO, a life sciences industry organization, and the Illinois coalition, which represents research universities and various technology companies, will facilitate partnerships between Illinois-based and Chinese companies and research institutes. Continue reading

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BRICS Countries Vow to Ensure Access to Affordable Drugs

Jul. 15 – The health ministers of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) joined a collective talk in Beijing for the first time between July 11 and 12 and agreed to strengthen collaboration for public health improvement and oppose trade barriers that restrict access to affordable drugs.

Indian Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad emphasized in his address that collaboration among the BRICS is significant for ensuring universal access to affordable, safe and effective medicines and vaccines. Believing the enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPRs) – which could be realized through the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force – will reduce competition in the generic drugs market and drive up medicine prices, Azad asked all BRICS members to oppose any moves by developed nations to tighten IPR rules. Continue reading

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China Outperforms India in Improving General Health Conditions

By Vivian Ni

May 18 – A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report shows that China has outperformed India in improving general health conditions of its citizens during the past decade by reporting less infectious disease cases, having a wider coverage of various medical services, and seeing longer life expectancy.

The report “World Health Statistics 2011” says China, despite having a slightly larger population than India, reported fewer cases of many conventional infectious diseases than its neighbor in 2009. For example, as confirmed malaria cases have declined in general worldwide, China reported 14,491 cases, a comparatively low number among developing countries, against India’s 1,563,334 cases. And although prevalence of tuberculosis in China still stayed quite high at 965,267 cases in 2009, India reported even more at 1,351,913 cases with prevalence 1.4 times higher. Continue reading

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India Contests Universal Ban on Endosulfan

Apr. 27 – India has earned support in the United Nations from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Bolivia, Oman and China in its efforts to cast aside a recommendation by the UN Environment Program to ban endosulfan, a chemical widely used around the world as an insecticide.

Within India itself, the chemical is subject to a contentious debate. The southern rural states of Kerala and Karnataka have taken the lead in attaining its ban, but both agribusinesses and local farmers seem unwilling as alternatives are costly. Continue reading

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