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Shipping & Logistics

Shipping Industry Thrives Throughout Asia-Pacific

Singapore is the best shipping hub in the world, with Hong Kong and Shanghai also in the top 10, according to a new report on international shipping centers released last week.

The 2014 Xinhua-Baltic Exchange International Shipping Center Development Index Report, which is the first report of its kind, was a joint project by the Baltic Exchange and the China Finance Corporation.Asian ports took six places in the top 10, which comprised of Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo, New York and Busan.

The index assessed 46 shipping hubs around the world against three fixed criteria, namely maritime services such as insurance, engineering and brokerage (50 percent), overall environment (30 percent) and port facilities (20 percent). Continue reading

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Three Pillars to Getting Quality Goods from China

by Etienne Charlier

I am not the first one to mention that pre-shipment inspections are important to securing quality from China. As they say:

You get what you Inspect, not what you Expect!

But pre-shipment inspections are not enough. The inspector you send to your supplier will stop defective products from being shipped to you, and this is good. But after all, not receiving defective goods is not the same as receiving what you order, according to specification and on the time agreed upon. Continue reading

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Ten of Asia’s Most Dynamic Export Processing Zones That You’ve Never Heard Of

Export capacity building up throughout South-East Asia

Op-Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis

As global manufacturing starts to spread its tentacles across Asia, Export Processing Zones – once the sole preserve of China – are springing up all over. Conceived as ideal for emerging markets as they help develop worker skill sets and begin the development of supply chain infrastructure, they are also popular with foreign investors as they negate the need to import directly into the host country (avoiding import duties) and assist with being able to deliver a cost-effective product by offering VAT rebates on any locally sourced components. Continue reading

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Indonesia to Overhaul its Transport Infrastructure

May 24 – The Indonesian government has announced plans to overhaul their unreliable transport system. The ambitious plans will cost more than US$110 billion to upgrade Indonesia’s railways, roads, airports and seaports. The current state of the transport infrastructure threatens to choke growth, with prices rising and waiting times extending.

“The [Indonesian] government recognizes that lagging infrastructure, underdeveloped inter-island connectivity, and an inefficient logistics system are among key constraints on achieving its target of higher growth, faster poverty reduction, and lower inflation,” according to a recent report by the Asian Development Bank. Continue reading

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Beijing Demands India and Vietnam Stop Oil Joint Venture in South China Sea

Sept. 16 – China, seemingly forgetting its policy of non-interference in other states’ affairs, has begun a public dialogue with India objecting to an agreement signed between India’s state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) Videsh Limited and Vietnam’s Petro Vietnam for oil and gas exploration in the South China Sea.

Petro Vietnam has entered into a joint venture with India’s ONGC to develop Blocks 127 and 128 after ONGC bought BP’s assets in the project in 2006. However, China is claiming all of the South China Sea as its “indisputable sovereignty,” a position that would take China’s territory right up to the Vietnamese coastline. Continue reading

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New Freighter Service Links China, Russia and Japan

Aug. 23 – The launching ceremony for a new shipping and trucking route linking northeast China’s Hunchun City in Jilin Province and Japan’s Niigata via the Russian port of Zarubino was held at Niigata harbor on August 18.

This is the first international freight line in northeast China that crosses over the Sea of Japan and reaches Japan’s west coast, marking an important step in international cooperation between northeast China, the Sea of Japan-basin economic sphere and the Russia’s Far East region, Chinese state media reported. Continue reading

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Amazon Eyes India’s Online Market

By Vivian Ni

Jul. 28 – The boom in India’s electronic commerce market, together with the recent relaxation in investment regulations for foreign retailers, has tempted the world’s largest retailer Amazon to enter the populous market. Currently in the process of staff recruitment and partnership negotiations, the Seattle-based company may start operations in India as early as the first quarter of next year, says a report by the Times of India (ToI).

It is reported that Amazon has already hired several key figures for its Indian team and its human resource representative also posted recruitment advertisements on Twitter last month. It may be looking to build a team of over 200 people, and the hiring will be conducted mainly in the southern Indian cities of Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Continue reading

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