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China’s Lenovo Surpasses HP as Largest Global PC Maker

By Daniel Fleishman

Oct. 12 – The days of American dominance over the PC market seem to be coming to a close. According to the research firm Gartner, Lenovo captured a market share of 15.7 percent in the third quarter of 2012, topping HP’s 15.5 percent, ousting the PC giant from the leading position it held for the past six years. Continue reading

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On the Fast-Track: Technology Transfer in China

Over the past four years, China has switched from being an importer of high-speed trains to the world’s largest manufacturer. Much of this can be attributed to the transfer of foreign technology to Chinese state-owned enterprises. How have Chinese government policies and economic heft aided this effort?

By Spike Nowak

Sept. 3 – Traveling at 300 kilometers per hour, a passenger on China’s domestically-manufactured high-speed trains can go from Beijing to Shanghai, approximately the same distance as Delhi to Mumbai, in less than five hours. Four years ago, the same trip on an older Chinese-manufactured train would have taken more than 12 hours.

China has now become one of the largest manufacturers of high-speed trains in the world. How has it achieved this in such a short time? The same question could be asked of windmills, automobiles, computers, software, and various other products manufactured in China.

Technology transfer – a process by which technology, knowledge, skills and manufacturing methodologies are transferred from one country to another – has made all this possible. Continue reading

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Chinese Hackers Reportedly Breach Indian Naval Computers

Jul. 3 – Hackers have broken into Indian naval computers in Visakhapatnam, where India’s Eastern Naval Command is headquartered, and have relayed confidential data to IP addresses based in China. The Eastern Naval Command is in charge of Indian operations and deployments in the South China Sea, a region in which China currently has numerous territorial disputes. The Command’s Visakhapatnam location is also the current base for India’s first nuclear missile submarine, which was undergoing trials at the time of the cyber-attack. Continue reading

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India Plans to Complete Nuclear Triad: Navy Chief

Jun. 26 – According to India’s Naval Chief Admiral Nirmal Verma, who spoke at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London on Monday, the Indian Navy will soon attain a retaliatory nuclear strike capability. In reference to the three arms of India’s defense, Verma explained that this was necessary so that India has a credible and invulnerable deterrent nuclear triad in place.

“A retaliatory strike capability that is credible and invulnerable is an imperative. The [Indian] navy is poised to complete the triad, and our maritime and nuclear doctrines would then be aligned to ensure that our nuclear insurance will come from the sea,” Verma said during his address. Continue reading

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India Passes China as Second-Largest LinkedIn Market

Apr. 25 – With roughly 14 million users now registered in the country, India has surpassed China as the second largest market for the business-focused social media networking site LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has seen its Indian user base grow by more than 300 percent over the three years it has had a marketing presence in the country to where it now only trails the United States, according to LinkedIn Chief Executive Jeff Weiner. Continue reading

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China, India Link Up Over ‘Mifi’ Devices

Apr. 16 – Bharti Airtel, India’s largest mobile phone company, is in advanced talks with Chinese OEMs to bring “mifi” devices to India. The devices will assist Indian mobile users in accessing the 4G network from their 3G smartphones on the move.

“We’ve tested some Chinese mifi devices at the last Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona and are talking to several OEMs to work out a bulk procurement deal. These portable devices can facilitate mobile access from either a 3G phone or a tablet while on the move,” Mittal said. Continue reading

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Indian Supreme Court’s Telecom Verdict Damages National Interests

Decision goes beyond court’s purpose, punishes wrong people, hurts international image, and will raise prices for Indian consumers

Op/Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis

Feb. 6 – One day they’ll make a film about this case – corrupt bidding, jailed ministers, a vindictive judge and a cast of 80 million telecom subscribers. India’s Supreme Court on Thursday axed all 122 2G telecom licenses and forced a new bidding process on a government-approved tender that saw both domestic and international telecom investors spend billions on rolling out 2G telecom networks on a national scale serving some 60 million users. Those networks are now to be dismantled within four months.

As anyone familiar with conducting business in emerging markets knows, often it’s a case of two steps forward and one step back. It’s a frustrating process, but one gets there in the end. Yet in this case, the Supreme Court has taken upon itself to not just challenge the government, but to also mete out punishments in the form of fines to operators who thought they were acting in good faith; placing itself in the position of authority as determining market prices and effectively ending India’s benefit of having the lowest mobile phone user costs in the world. Continue reading

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