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North American Leaders Champion TPP

By Shawn Greene

At the so-called “Three Amigos Summit” in Toluca, Mexico, celebrating the 20th anniversary of NAFTA this week, the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States have vowed to expand free trade agreements between North America and Asia while pushing for the successful conclusion of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations this year.

Speaking at the summit, President Obama expressed a determination to keep TPP progress on track despite many in the U.S. Congress indicating they will refuse to support a renewal of so-called ‘fast-track’ negotiating authority, or trade promotion authority. Continue reading

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Moc Bai Economic Zone and Border Gate to have Bright Future

HANOI – Vietnam’s Moc Bai Economic Zone and Border Gate (hereinafter referred to as “the Zone”) is expected to become an international trade center in the near future. The Zone will serve to promote cooperation and development between Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as the other countries in the ASEAN region.

Located along the soon to be completed Trans-Asia Road, the Zone is in a prime position to benefit from the trade that will soon by moving via the new roadway. The Trans-Asia Road, currently under construction, stretches from Myanmar, through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and finally ends in Quangxi, China. Continue reading

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Hong Kong Revokes Philippines Visa Exemption Over 2010 Hostage Crisis

HONG KONG - From February 5, officials and diplomats from the Philippines visiting Hong Kong will not be able to enjoy the 14 day visa-free exemption they currently do, Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying told a press conference yesterday.  The move is in response by Hong Kong to a tragedy in Manila over three years ago, when eight Hong Kong tourists were killed and seven others injured in a hostage situation that lasted over 10 hours.  The Philippines’ President Benigno Aquino III has consistently refused to make an official apology for what he sees as the actions of a lone gunman, leading to tension between Hong Kong and the Philippines.

In August 2010, after senior police inspector Rolando Mendoza had been dismissed from the Manila Police District, he boarded a tourist bus armed with an assault rifle, in an attempt to get reinstated.  The rescue attempt lasted over an hour, and ended after Mendoza was shot and killed.  Hong Kong has alleged that it was the poor handling of the incident by the Philippines’ officials that led to the victims’ deaths.  The Hong Kong government placed a black travel advisory warning (the highest warning level) on the Philippines, cautioning Hong Kong residents that the country posed a “severe threat” and advising that all travel be avoided. Continue reading

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ASEAN’s Demographic Dividend

By Shawn Greene

Nov. 26 – More than 30 years after Deng Xiaoping first introduced China’s famous “one-child” policy, President Xi Jinping’s government appears set to finally relax the country’s approach to family planning. Announcing this month that many urban couples will soon be permitted to have two children under broader exemptions to the “one-child” rule, the government’s policy shift comes amidst concerns that the country’s low fertility rate and rapidly ageing population may threaten its long-term social and economic stability. Continue reading

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New Issue of Asia Briefing: The 2014 Asia Tax Comparator

2014-Asia-Tax-Comparator-Cover-250Nov. 21 – The new issue of Asia Briefing Magazine, titled The 2014 Asia Tax Comparator, is out now and will be temporarily available as a complimentary PDF download on the Asia Briefing Bookstore throughout the months of November and December.

The opportunities to sell to the Asian consumer have never been more pronounced than they are today, and those opportunities will continue to expand and develop over the next three decades. Key to understanding and accessing this massive, dynamic new consumer market is the ability to understand the underlying tax treatments. To that end, we are pleased to present our third annual “Asia Tax Comparator” as Asia Briefing Magazine’s final issue of 2013. Continue reading

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Asia, Uninterrupted

There are many ideas about how Asia can be re-imagined as a whole even though it is still coming to terms with colonial era map-making and the intellectual domination of the West. Can India, situated at the heart of Asia, promote connectivities and draw the Asian economies together?

By Ambassador Neelam Deo

Nov. 21 – The growth of many Asian economies in a continent that occupies 30% of the world’s landmass, has 60% of its people, mostly young, and already produces some 25% of global output, has been so rapid in the last 20 years that it has already been vested with the collective image of the “other” in the western gaze.

There are today many ideas floating around about how an economically vibrant Asia can follow the European model, be dominated by China, or continue to grow under the leadership of the U.S. “None of the above” may, however, be the best option as we try to imagine an Asia unencumbered by colonially-devised boundaries, geographical and intellectual. Continue reading

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IMF Consultations: Singapore, Thailand & South Korea

Nov. 19 – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has concluded its annual Article IV Consultations with Singapore, Thailand, and the Republic of Korea. Conducted annually, Article IV Consultations attempt to assess each country’s economic health and forestall future financial problems.

The results of the three Consultations were inevitably mixed.

In its report on Singapore, the IMF called upon the country to narrow its current account surplus and embraced government plans to increase public spending on infrastructure and social services. It additionally characterized the country’s financial sector as well-regulated and highly developed. Its report on South Korea was similarly supportive and stated that “many of the [economic] reforms needed…are already in train or planned.” Continue reading

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