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On the Fast-Track: Technology Transfer in China

Over the past four years, China has switched from being an importer of high-speed trains to the world’s largest manufacturer. Much of this can be attributed to the transfer of foreign technology to Chinese state-owned enterprises. How have Chinese government policies and economic heft aided this effort? By Spike Nowak Sept. 3 – Traveling at 300 kilometers per hour, a passenger on China’s domestically-manufactured high-speed trains can go from Beijing to Shanghai, approximately the same distance as Delhi to Mumbai, in less than five hours. Four years ago, the same trip on an older Chinese-manufactured train would have taken more … Continue reading

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China, India Link Up Over ‘Mifi’ Devices

Apr. 16 – Bharti Airtel, India’s largest mobile phone company, is in advanced talks with Chinese OEMs to bring “mifi” devices to India. The devices will assist Indian mobile users in accessing the 4G network from their 3G smartphones on the move. “We’ve tested some Chinese mifi devices at the last Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona and are talking to several OEMs to work out a bulk procurement deal. These portable devices can facilitate mobile access from either a 3G phone or a tablet while on the move,” Mittal said.

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China to Lead Desalination Efforts in Quest for Fresh Water

China aims to become the world’s leading supplier of desalinated fresh water through investing heavily in research and development, and by placing goals to quadruple production by 2020 – from the current 680,000 cubic meters a day to as much as 3 million cubic meters per day. Continue reading

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