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U.S. Exempts China from Iran Sanctions

The United States exempted both China from its sanctions targeting Iran’s oil exports on Thursday, just hours before the deadline. While explaining its decision, the U.S. State Department stated that China had significantly reduced its imports of Iranian crude, and thus like 19 other countries, deserved to be exempted from the rigors of the sanctions.

Photo: PressTV

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China Caught Unprepared by Obama’s Aggressive Asian Tour

U.S. President Barack Obama returned to Washington on Sunday after completing a nine-day Asian tour highlighted by the decision to station some 2,500 U.S. marines in northern Australia by 2016-17 and the president’s aggressive diplomatic maneuvering during the sixth East Asian Summit in Bali, Indonesia. All of this, of course, has caused great vexation and confusion in Beijing.

Photo: Reuters

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