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Why Is China Expensive?

Jan. 30 – A declining labor supply, rising wages and an appreciating currency are among the key reasons production costs are rising fast in China. Increasing land costs and the fact that SMEs find it difficult to obtain capital, are making the situation worse. This article, which is an excerpt from the report “The End of Made-in-China?” published by Silk Road Assoc., examines the top five factors that are pushing up China’s manufacturing costs.

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Minimum Wage Comparisons Between China and India

As the population demographics are now shifting to a younger workforce in India from China, wage comparisons provide some clues about the nature of costs associated within the labor pools of each, and consequently a major component of doing business in these markets. Continue reading

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India Wages and Currency Beckon Manufacturers from China

India is beginning to look increasingly attractive as a destination for foreign investors as concerns over a lack of reform direction in China, coupled with increasing labor costs and a strengthening RMB position are placing some China based businesses under financial pressures.
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