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Indian Supreme Court’s Telecom Verdict Damages National Interests

Decision goes beyond court’s purpose, punishes wrong people, hurts international image, and will raise prices for Indian consumers Op/Ed Commentary: Chris Devonshire-Ellis Feb. 6 – One day they’ll make a film about this case – corrupt bidding, jailed ministers, a vindictive judge and a cast of 80 million telecom subscribers. India’s Supreme Court on Thursday axed all 122 2G telecom licenses and forced a new bidding process on a government-approved tender that saw both domestic and international telecom investors spend billions on rolling out 2G telecom networks on a national scale serving some 60 million users. Those networks are now … Continue reading

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India Finally Agrees on 100% FDI in Single Brand Retail

After last month’s debacle where the Indian government first approved, then scrapped laws for 100 percent foreign direct investment in the domestic retail industry, the Indian government has finally reviewed its position and, with some changes, passed legislation yesterday permitting 100 percent FDI in single brand retail. Continue reading

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