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Minimum Wage Comparisons Between China and India

As the population demographics are now shifting to a younger workforce in India from China, wage comparisons provide some clues about the nature of costs associated within the labor pools of each, and consequently a major component of doing business in these markets. Continue reading

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Update: Emerging Asia Minimum Wages and Labor Law

Mar. 14 – In an effort to combat inflation and prevent any outbreaks of labor unrest, several emerging Asian nations are copying China’s strategy to push for higher minimum wage levels and enact new labor laws to protect workers’ rights. Malaysia Malaysia will announce the country’s first-ever minimum wage plan this month, according to an anonymous government official. This marks a turning point in Malaysia’s labor relations as the wages have always been determined by the market. Reuters reports that the cabinet has approved a minimum wage of 800 ringgit (US$262.34) to 900 ringgit (US$295.06) per month, depending on the … Continue reading

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