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Privatizing Near-Earth

In no industry is privatization more important than in space exploration. More specifically, mining of Near-Earth Asteroids (NEA) is projected to result in significant profit margins. Given the high stakes of NEA mining as a global economic game changer, involving the private sector in its space ambitions may be just the mix that China needs to truly become a historic power that leads globally in the 21st century. Continue reading

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Indigenising Defence

No country has become powerful by being dependent on foreign defence supplies. It is now increasingly imperative for India to indigenise production through private sector involvement with the aim of eventually developing the ecosystem of a defence industry. By Aakash Brahmachari Feb. 18 – The unfolding scandal in the Indian Air Force’s acquisition of 12 helicopters from AgustaWestland has exposed yet again, the need for India to reduce the import quotient of its defence equipment purchases. It’s time to accelerate indigenisation through the participation of India’s private sector, simplify rules and specifications, and streamline the acquisition process. As India seeks … Continue reading

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