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The Emergence of Vietnam and India as China Alternatives

China is not the only solution for export-driven manufacturing, and Asia’s trade evolution is determining that business models move on for adventures elsewhere. By Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Principal, Dezan Shira & Associates Apr. 9 – At the turn of the 21st Century, there were two main schools of commercial thought with regards to China. The most popular was that China represented a massive market to sell to with roughly 1.3 billion potential consumers. The second was that China had a young, available and inexpensive work force that was relatively skilled and disciplined. While the latter has proven the dominant economic driver … Continue reading

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China Stations Troops on Disputed Island in South China Sea

Jul. 24 – According to the state-run Xinhua news agency, China’s most powerful military body, the Central Military Commission, has dispatched soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army to guard disputed islands in the South China Sea (SCS). The soldiers will be based in Sansha City on Woody Island (also known as Yongxing Island), and will provide security for the Spratly and Paracel islands, Macclesfield Bank, and their surrounding waters. Xinhua also reported that the residents living on the islands elected a mayor and 45 legislators over the weekend. “[The troops] will be responsible for managing the city’s national defense mobilization, … Continue reading

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China Claims 90% of Spratly Islands, Actually Controls 13%

China suffered a blow at the recent ASEAN meetings in Phnom Penh, losing a motion not to have South China Sea disputes discussed during the summit. China is not a member of ASEAN, but has been granted observer status and the request to interfere with the ASEAN agenda did not seem to sit well with the 10 countries that make up the Southeast Asian bloc. Continue reading

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Selling to China & India’s Middle Class – It’s a Vietnam Manufacturing Play

How to target China and India’s emerging middle class consumers through a manufacturing base in Vietnam. The reason for this manufacturing suggestion is because Vietnam is a member of ASEAN, which has free trade agreements with both China and India. Continue reading

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Update: Emerging Asia Minimum Wages and Labor Law

Mar. 14 – In an effort to combat inflation and prevent any outbreaks of labor unrest, several emerging Asian nations are copying China’s strategy to push for higher minimum wage levels and enact new labor laws to protect workers’ rights. Malaysia Malaysia will announce the country’s first-ever minimum wage plan this month, according to an anonymous government official. This marks a turning point in Malaysia’s labor relations as the wages have always been determined by the market. Reuters reports that the cabinet has approved a minimum wage of 800 ringgit (US$262.34) to 900 ringgit (US$295.06) per month, depending on the … Continue reading

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Report: China Top ‘Emerging’ Market, Vietnam Top ‘Frontier’ Market

Feb. 13 – China has topped the list of most promising “emerging” markets for investors and Vietnam has been labeled the most attractive “frontier” market according to a new set of rankings published in the March 2012 issue of Bloomberg Markets. In the report, countries are divided into either emerging or frontier economies and are ranked based on various measures of the investment climate: including GDP growth, government debt as a percentage of GDP, and the ease of doing business. Countries are classified based on their presence in the FTSE Frontier 50 Index, the FTSE Emerging Index, the MSCI Frontier … Continue reading

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Asia Income Tax Rates Compared

As the financial crisis rumbles on in the west, increasing multinationals are looking at Asia to achieve their business goals. However, without thorough understanding of the complicated, dynamic taxation systems throughout the region, it will be difficult for an executive to make the best regional business decisions. In this article, we provide a practical comparison of taxation in five Asian jurisdictions: China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Vietnam. Continue reading

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